"Battle of the Broadway Musicals '09" Contest Winners Announced!

Written by DSM Columnists on Tuesday, September 8, 2009 at 12:20 PM

Steven Hall by Steven Hall
Webmaster, DSM

WE HAVE CONTEST WINNERS! For 15 days, we pitted one Broadway musical against another Broadway musical and let our 3400+ Facebook fans vote the daily winner until, after 4 rounds of historic musical battles, we crowned WICKED 2009's “Best Musical of All Time”! 16 Broadway musicals were chosed to battle each other. Each was chosen for a combination of the number of awards won, combined with the longest runs on "The Great White Way" -- BROADWAY.

WICKED became the best of all time ... Now one lucky contest has won the GRAND PRIZE for correctly predicting ALL the battle winners:

Congratulations to our:

Grand Prize Winner Chris Hill (34 /34 pts)
2nd place Becky Niederstadt (26 /34 pts)
3rd place Shelly Vatteroni (25 /34 pts)

Out of 100s of contestants, Chris was the ONLY perfect bracket! As the Grand Prize Winner Chris won:

-4 tickets to attend MARY POPPINS
-Dinner for 4 at “M, Dining at the Music Hall”
-A WICKED poster signed by the cast
-A CD from one of this season's shows
-Backstage tour for MARY POPPINS
-and more!

We hope we'll see even more of you all for future contests at DSM & Facebook!