Written by DSM Columnists on Tuesday, October 7, 2008 at 3:34 PM

Dear Music Hall THE COLOR PURPLE patrons, Fair-goers, and Footballers:

We expect record heavy traffic for the TX-OU football game this Saturday. Please consider arriving early than you may have planned to avoid traffic (at least 2-3 hours early). The State Fair is opening their gates at 7 AM. Football fans will probably take up all of the available parking spaces in and around Fair Park between 7AM and 11AM, as well as causing serious traffic congestion in the area. Please be aware that the State Fair of Texas does not reserve any parking spaces exclusively for the Music Hall.

We ask that as many patrons as possible will take advantage of DART's TX-OU "Park-n-Ride" opportunity to minimize the actual number of vehicles in the vicinity:

1. Instead of going to the fair grounds, head to the downtown and park in the available paid parking lots near the DART Pearl St. Station. 80 shuttle buses will be on a non-stop rotation taking people to the fair grounds.

2. You will be dropped off at the fair grounds, at Pennsylvania & 2nd avenue where fair-ground-shuttles will be taking patrons to the Music Hall.

3. Fair-ground shuttles will return patrons to the DART shuttle buses, which will return them to the Pearl St. station downtown.

4. DSM has confirmed with Fair Park officials that these shuttle buses will be running until MIDNIGHT.

Alternatively, The Box Office is selling 2008 State Fair of Texas Prepaid Valet Parking tickets. The tickets are $30 each, must be purchased in person at The Box Office and guarantee the bearer to a valet parking space in the State Fair's valet lot (enter at Grand or MLK). There are some still available for your performance, but they must be purchased by 6 PM on Friday in order to ensure the correct number of parking places are reserved. (No day-of sales are allowed.)Thank you!


2 Responses to "TX-OU Weekend PARKING ALERT"

Comment by frenchy
October 13, 2008 at 8:25 AM #  

Thanks DSM for your parking alert for Texas OU weekend. But it did not go quite the way it was worded. You left out the fact that there was no shuttle provided for the 2pm showing of the play, leaving women with heels on and not to mention some people with knee problems to walk from Pennsylvania to the Music hall and back to Pennsylvania after the play. I think that was a huge oversight or misunderstanding on your part. There should be a shuttle for all shows. Especially if you suggest people take the bus and be dropped off a half mile from the venue.

Comment by DSM Jack
October 14, 2008 at 9:39 PM #  


Thanks for the comment. This is very good to know, as it was primarily for the benefit of the matinee people it was set up in the first place. We're VERY sorry for your inconvenience. Park officials had assured us shuttles would be going both ways all day until midnight. This will be passed on.

Thank you again for your input!